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The Lions could use a cornerback T.J. Hockenson Jersey 2019 , but who is the best fit?"We’re officially just three weeks from the 2019 NFL Draft, and the Detroit Lions are entering the home stretch of building their big boards and listing their biggest team needs.One of those top needs is likely cornerback. Though the team signed both Justin Coleman and Rashaan Melvin in free agency, outside cornerback remains one of their top long-term needs. Though I believe Melvin is an adequate starter for 2019, the plan beyond that is unknown, and it’s better to be proactive about a position like cornerback than to wait until it’s too late. This draft has some solid depth at the cornerback position, but it’s hard to see one specific player above the rest of the field. So today’s Question of the Day is:Which 2019 NFL Draft cornerback prospect is your favorite? My answer: Notice I said “favorite” cornerback prospect and not necessary the top prospect. To me, the player that I enjoyed watching the most is Penn State’s Amani Oruwariye. Of all the corners I’ve watched in this draft class Color Rush T.J. Hockenson Jersey , Oruwariye displays some of the best technique of all them—from footwork to hip fluidity. I also think he remains quite flexible in terms of man vs. zone coverage, and though he played off-coverage a lot at Penn State, he’s shown enough to believe he can play press, if needed. That sort of versatility and football IQ is going to make him a very valuable asset for some NFL team. As a result, Oruwariye put up some impressive numbers over his past two seasons as a Nittany Lion. 18 passes defended, seven interceptions in the past two seasons. The only glaring weakness in his game is his hesitation to tackle, and given the Lions’ perceived importance on tackling Cheap T.J. Hockenson Jersey , it may put him out of the running in Detroit. Still, I think Oruwariye is headed for a very successful NFL career, and I’m hoping he plays most of it in Detroit. Your turn.Tweets from It’s not even Christmas, but for fans, it’s already time to start thinking about the Detroit Lions’ 2018 season. Last week, the team was officially eliminated from postseason contention, ripping out the one last thing Kool Aid drinkers could rely upon before the new year arrives.So looking ahead T.J. Hockenson Jersey Womens , there are plenty of things the Lions need to improve upon. Their offense has become completely stagnant in the final two months of the season. Their pass rush remain anemic. Their secondary is prone to giving up too many plays, and they are fresh out of playmakers on both sides of the ball.So today’s Question of the Day is:What is the Detroit Lions’ biggest need for 2019?My answer: Maybe this is cheating, but I really think it’s an offensive coordinator. While Matthew Stafford deserves plenty of blame from the significant step back the offense took this year, it’s hard not to look at the entire operation and see there are things beyond Stafford’s control.This was the year Stafford finally got a decent offensive line and an average running game, and it all seemed to backfire. The intensity and aggressiveness of this offense is gone, and the game plans seemed to be increasingly focused on simply possessing the ball, not advancing it. While you’d be right to wonder if Matt Patricia had his hand in this Tracy Walker Jersey , the simple fact remains that this offense is both inefficient and uninspiring. Detroit isn’t short on talent—or, at least, they weren’t earlier in the season—so that is no longer a proper excuse. The Lions need someone who will make superstars out of Kenny Golladay and Kerryon Johnson. They need someone to re-energize Marvin Jones Jr. for the deep ball threat that he is. They need someone who can actually scheme a wide receiver open or devise something a little more creative than a 5-yard out on third-and-10. With the defensive improvements obvious with this team, Detroit needs a fresh mind controlling the other side of the ball, and they need it right now.Your turn.Tweets from

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