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 Заголовок сообщения: The sophomore wide receiver caught 27 passes for 428 yards
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PODcast recaps Lions-Packers Will Harris Detroit Lions Jersey , organizes a fruit basket for Mason Crosby The life of a kicker is a mixed bag. On every day but Sunday, it’s an easy life for the kicker. At practice, you’re off to the side doing next to nothing all day. Training camp is far from the grueling weeks of practice you see on “Hard Knocks,” and most of the good kickers know their job is safe during the week. But all it takes is one bad Sunday for it all to go up in flames, and for Packers kicker Mason Crosby, his Week 5 game against the Detroit Lions was that nightmare. It’s not often an opposing kicker gets a Bronx cheer at an away game, but Crosby’s afternoon was so bad that he had Lions fans feeling bad for a Packers player. In a way Will Harris Jersey 2019 , he accomplished something far greater than any other NFL player this week. Maybe this is how we eventually find World Peace. All we need is the world’s greatest rivals to witness each other humiliate themselves in front of 65,000 people and we’ll all gain a little humility. Anyway, the Lions’ Week 5 win over the Green Bay Packers was about far more than just Mason Crosby, and the PODcast crew breaks it all down in this week’s episode.This week on the PODcastWe, too, feel bad for Mason Crosby, so we organize a local-themed fruit basket to make his day a little better.Was the secondary good or bad? Is the secondary good or bad? Please Color Rush Will Harris Jersey , please, please, someone give the Lions some credit for a win. What the hell is going on in the “turd” quarter? Bye week: Too early or just at the right time? Breaking down the best Lions individual performances, because get it straight: The Lions won this game, the Packers didn’t just lose it.NEW SEGMENT: Stories from the Press Box! Jeremy details a story about some Cheeseheads in the Press Box breaking the cardinal rule of the press—BUT WITH A TWIST ENDING. Who are the favorites for the NFC North now? Are the Lions true contenders?Mailbag talks local craft beer, Ryan makes some really bad puns, and WE DENOUNCE “BABYTRON.” BABYTRON IS NOT A THING.If you aren’t yet subscribed to the PODcast Cheap Will Harris Jersey , here are the brand new links now that we’re part of the Vox Media Podcast Network:Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | ART19 The Detroit Lions were dominated in almost every phase of the game Sunday as they fell 28-14 to the Seattle Seahawks. Here are a few things we learned in a dismal Week 8 performance:Detroit needs help in the secondarySeattle quarterback Russell Wilson did not test All-Pro corner Darius Slay much on Sunday, mainly because he did not need to. The Lions defensive backs were all a mess. Nevin Lawson gave up a touchdown when he was in position to break the play up. Teez Tabor failed to make a play on the ball for a touchdown as well, and later was beat deep on a simple corner route for a huge gain. Quandre Diggs also gave up a touchdown on a poor play, and Glover Quin let a ball he could have easily intercepted slip behind him for a big reception. Detroit’s defensive backs — sans Slay — being bad at playing the ball and failing to make plays even when they were in position to has been a huge issue this season. They are giving up receptions too easily and were clearly outmatched by a subpar Seahawks receiving corps. It’s hard to find a fix. No free agent available at this point in the season is going to be a worthwhile addition and with Patrick Peterson now off the trade market there may not be any trade options either. Where ever it comes from, the Lions are desperate for a remedy. Damon Harrison should help Jarrad DavisThe addition of Damon Harrison was an obvious boost to the team’s run defense. When he was on the field Sunday, Detroit looked a lot more sound upfront. The Lions newest addition also looks like he is going to help 2017 first-round pick Jarrad Davis a lot as well. Harrison’s ability to occupy space and not get moved out from the interior makes things easier for the linebacker. Davis has less to worry about now with the gaps in front of him properly filled and it gives him freedom to fly around the field.Davis was everywhere Sunday. He was making tackles from sideline to sideline and was able to build on an impressive performance last week against the Miami Dolphins. The second-year player is finally finding is footing in the NFL and the addition of Harrison is a boost that he will really enjoy.Kenny Golladay has cooled off from hot startKenny Golladay looked like an absolute stud to start the season. The sophomore wide receiver caught 27 passes for 428 yards and three scores in the teams five opening games. He has disappeared since.Golladay was only targeted twice last week against the Dolphins, catching both for 37 yards. He vanished once again this week. The receiver was only targeted one time by Matthew Stafford Will Harris Jersey Womens , catching the pass for 12 yards. The game plan seems to be featuring Marvin Jones Jr. instead recently as the young receiver has taken a back seat. This is not something to be to worried about at the moment, as he could easily be the focus of the offense again next week, but it is something to take note of going forward.

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