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A controversial replay ruling at the end the first half saved the Dolphins from being down 21-10 at halftime. Instead Shane Lechler Jersey White , they trail only 14-10.Josh Keyes hit Brock Osweiler‘s arm as the Dolphins quarterback was trying to bring the ball back down and tuck it. The ball went backward and Natrell Jamerson returned it for what was ruled a 19-yard touchdown on the field with 24 seconds remaining. But Al Riveron, the league’s head of officiating, ruled it an incomplete pass after a booth review.It was an appropriate ending of the first half for an officiating crew having a bad night. Osweiler can relate.The Texans have not treated him kindly in his return to Houston.Osweiler has taken a sack, thrown an interception and nearly thrown another interception or two. He has completed 13 of 23 passes for 122 yards.Texans rookie safety Justin Reid had the pick of Osweiler and nearly took it to the house. His 21-yard return to the Houston 16 set up Jordan Thomas‘ 13-yard touchdown catch from Deshaun Watson two plays later.Watson has completed 7 of 10 passes for 74 yards. Lamar Miller has 10 carries for 58 yards and a touchdown against his former team.But Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has played the part of the game’s star thus far. He has a sack — his eighth of the season — two tackles for loss and a pass breakup.Kenyan Drake has seven carries for 44 yards and a touchdown for the Dolphins. Sticks and stones broke some bones."Look at the photo on the article you just clicked on. Little dog, little dog Braxton Miller Jersey White , what do you see? I see Justin Reid smashing Eric Ebron at the goal line. I remember that play like it was three weeks ago. Reid’s hit saved a touchdown and left Reid crumpled in a heap like the clothes in my bedroom (not because I’m a slob, but because I’m an artist. I don’t even have a television in there). I think Reid was removed from the game after this play. I can’t really remember. The game was over by this point. Look closer. What else do you see? I see a clubbed hand, a hardened mound of whatever they make casts out of. Five fingers metamorphosed into rock. This is how the Earth was created. Reid smashed his hand at some point last season. He played with a cast on it to end the year. Recently, Reid had surgery, on the same hand I would guess. The Houston Chronicle just said he’s having it repaired like the bones are the brake pads on a squealing , wretched, used car, or a crack in the foundation, or a freezer that can’t make ice.Not like Justin Reid is an actual person with feelings who is having surgery to heal a hurting hand. Expect more secret surgeries to come out. J.J. Watt had minor knee surgery. I’m sure Jadeveon Clowney will get scraped up once he his slapped with a franchise tag or signs a monstrous new contract, Johnathan Joseph probably will too Jay Prosch Jersey White , and hopefully we get some Will Fuller V ACL news soon.Someone send me Fuller’s email address so I can send him an E-Card about, UGH, Mondays, aren’t they the worst?Anyways, get well soon Alfred Blue Jersey , Justin.

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Начать новую тему Ответить на тему  [ 1 сообщение ] 

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