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Just when it looked like the circumstances surrounding the G.M. vacancy in Houston couldn’t get any more bizarre Charles Omenihu Jersey 2019 , the circumstances surrounding the G.M. vacancy in Houston have gotten more bizarre.The discrimination complaint filed by former Texans coordinator Jeff Pope, coupled with comments from Pope’s lawyer, suggest that the Texans fired former G.M. Brian Gaine because of the discrimination claim.“When the Texans terminated Mr. Gaine, that caught my attention,” attorney N. Lucy Chukwurah, Pope’s attorney, told the . “They terminated him a few days after they spoke with their counsel. I found that to be unusual.”The Texans have denied that Gaine’s termination had any connection to the discrimination claim. And, frankly, it wouldn’t make sense for the Texans to fire Gaine because of the discrimination claim. Most employers rally around an employee accused of discrimination or other workplace misconduct while legal action is pending, since the ongoing employment relationship tends to ensure that the employee accused of misconduct will fully and completely cooperate with the broader effort to defend against the claims being made.If anything, firing Gaine increases the likelihood that he won’t cooperate with the team’s lawyers Charles Omenihu Jersey Mens , and that his testimony won’t be as malleable in the team’s favor as it otherwise would be. Although the team could use the provisions of his contract that give him ongoing payment to get him to work with those who will be defending against the discrimination complaint, which may be a precursor to full-blown litigation, these things take time to play out. By the time Gaine would ever take the witness stand, his contract quite possibly will have expired.While there’s a good chance Gaine’s story will be locked in (via deposition or other sworn statement) before that happens, the lawyers who are trying to beat back discrimination charges prefer the not-so-subtle control of the employee-witness that comes from the ongoing employment relationship. Given the unique nature of the job Gaine held, the Texans wouldn’t retain him simply to bolster its defense against the discrimination charges; however, they also wouldn’t have fired him only because of that claim — barring blatant, over-the-top evidence of wrongdoing.So, for now, it’s a stretch to think the Texans fired Gaine because of the discrimination complaint. Of course, further developments in the discrimination could change that assessment. Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins doesn’t want people telling him how great he is Youth Charles Omenihu Jersey , he wants people telling him how he can get better. That’s why Hopkins values his friendship with Andre Johnson.Johnson, who went to seven Pro Bowls as a wide receiver for the Texans, will tell Hopkins when he sees something he needs to work on, and Hopkins says he appreciates that.“It’s always just me asking, trying to get better in my craft,” Hopkins told the . “He sees something I need to work on, and he’s one guy that’s always going to be honest with me. If I’m short on a route or if I can do something – a lot of people will tell me, ‘Good job.’ But he’s the one guy that will be like, ‘Nah, you need to do this’ or, ‘You can do this better.’ So White Charles Omenihu Jersey , just having that honest advice in somebody that wants to see me better than him, you can’t beat it.”For his part, Johnson said before the season that Hopkins is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, and Johnson says he still thinks that.“I told people before the season he’s arguably the best receiver in football and a lot of people told me I was crazy,” Johnson said. “I don’t think the numbers lie. I think the way he plays the game, I think that shows what caliber of receiver he is. There are a lot of great young receivers in the game, but I rank him up there with anybody.”The Texans were lucky to have Johnson, and now they’re lucky to have a great young receiver who’s open to learning from Johnson.

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