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 Заголовок сообщения: Arizona Cardinals coach Steve Wilks had a blunt answer
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"I would say all our jobs are in jeopardy Junior Seau Jerseys Stitched ," Wilks said, "including mine if we don't win."Such is the mood of the first-year coach and his staff after the team's 27-17 loss at Minnesota dropped the Cardinals to 1-5 for the season.Now Arizona faces a quick turnaround to host the Denver Broncos, another struggling team at 2-4, on Thursday night.As has been the case all season, the problems for the Cardinals on Sunday were a sluggish offense and a defense unable to stop the run.Arizona managed 269 yards against the Vikings and remains last in the NFL in offense at 220.5 yards per game.The Cardinals offense came to life a bit in the fourth quarter as rookie quarterback Josh Rosen operated in an up-tempo game."It was very effective for us," Wilks said. "It's something that we've definitely got to consider. It's part of his comfort zone based off of college. We've got to do everything we can right now to get this offense going in the right direction."Rosen said the late-game success had something to do with Minnesota's defense."It's not necessarily that I like it or don't like it, it was just successful the little bit we did it," Rosen said. "I think the Vikings had a comfortable lead as well so they kind of took their foot off the gas a little bit and kind of let us get some underneath stuff. I think it's definitely something we can do or continue, but also you can't look too far into it, consider the situation in the game."Rosen had the best statistical game of his three starts, completing 21 of 31 passes for 208 yards with one interception. He acknowledged that he bears a big responsibility for the offense but as a rookie must realize his status with the coaching staff."You've got to earn respect. I think I'm in the process of doing that," Rosen said, "but I think we've got some great coaches and they're asking for feedback and I'm willing to give them that feedback but you've also kind of know your place as a rookie. I'm sort of finding the happy medium between taking as much control as you sort of deserve, but I'll never shy away."Another familiar problem was getting David Johnson involved. The running back has yet to have a breakout game and has acknowledged several mental lapses as he tries to grasp the new offense.Wilks said the problems in getting Johnson involved are many."We need to do a much better job up front as far as blocking, executing our assignments," he said. "We need to move him around more Youth Antonio Gates Jerseys , try to find ways to get him out in space, different things to try to open it up."The Cardinals' problems up front have been worsened by injury. Right guard Justin Pugh has a hand injury and Mike Iupati left Sunday's game with an injured back.Wilks said he's awaiting results of an MRI on Pugh's hand."It could be broke, it could be sprained," Wilks said. "We don't know."With his left hand in a cast, Pugh said later Monday that, while he couldn't talk about specifics of the injury, he intended to try to play Thursday night.Wilks, a defensive coach by background, said he's "definitely taken more attention to the offense and making sure we're doing the things we need to execute."But there are issues on defense as well. Arizona allowed 195 yards rushing against the Vikings."It's one or two guys not using their hands, getting out of their gaps, which is creating explosive plays," Wilks said. "Guys need to continue to work and execute their assignments."That's been a season-long lament in Arizona. What. A. Night.Day one of the 2019 NFL Draft absolutely lived up to the hype, and then some.If you were lucky enough to be a fan of a team that didn’t absolute send their franchise into a nose..."What. A. Night.Day one of the 2019 NFL Draft absolutely lived up to the hype, and then some.If you were lucky enough to be a fan of a team that didn’t absolute send their franchise into a nose dive, then you were probably able to enjoy not only your team’s selection, but the misfortune’s of others Antonio Gates Jerseys Stitched , as well.Like the group of us on the live draft show Thursday night. We had so much time to kill before the pick at #28 but that didn’t stop us from giggling ourselves into a stupor over the mind-numbing picks made by the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders.It made the night so much easier to get through and has us all looking forward to more of the same through the next six rounds.But as far as the first round goes, there were some definite winners and all-too-apparent losers. Here are those I believe fit into one or the other.WinnersCincinnati Bengals:Without having to trade up and part with any picks, the Bengals were able to sit tight and select arguably the top offensive linemen in the entire class. With the offensive tackle position one of the premium positions in football, you’d be crazy to have thought the top dog would fall out of the top 10. Well, that’s exactly what happened for Cincy and now they have a guy to plug into that right tackle spot if (when) they realize all that money they gave to Bobby Hart was a complete waste. Until then, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them put Jonah Williams at guard simply to get their best players on the field all at once.The Washington Football Team: Washington also ended up being another team that didn’t have give up anything to select the player they needed the most. Dwayne Haskins wound up being the third quarterback off the board in a surprise turn-of-events when most analysts had him as either the second, or even first, quarterback in their rankings. Before it was all said and done, they also traded back into round one and picked up Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat who was another top talent to take an inexplicable fall on opening night.Washington was able to add two premiere pieces at two of the most important positions on the field in one night. These moves will certainly keep them right in the thick of the NFC East.Denver Broncos: The Broncos were able to trade back in the first and still got their guy in tight end Noah Fant. Most analysts have had either him or TJ Hockenson as their top TE and both were expected to go within the top-15. For Denver to gain some extra draft capital and still pick the most athletic tight end in recent memory, that can only be a win. Coincidentally, that gives the Broncos four tight ends who all played their collegiate football in the Big Ten with Jake Butt (Michigan), Jeff Heurmann (Ohio State), Troy Fumagalli (Wisconsin), and now Fant (Iowa).LosersNew York Giants: Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman has gotten a ton of flack on social media in 2019 and, to be fair, it’s absolutely deserved. Ranging from the OBJ trade to undermining the importance of analytics in modern day football Youth Lance Alworth Jerseys , DG has garnered his fair share of doubters.With two first round picks prior to Thursday night, he had a chance to quiet those who are calling for his job and set the franchise in the right direction with two picks within the top-20.Spoiler Alert: He did not do that.With the sixth-overall selection, the Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones to be the heir-apparent to Eli Manning. In his post-day one presser, Gettleman left much to be desired as he skirted around answering the tough questions and simply reflected anything negative feedback onto the reporters.The Giants then went on to select Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence with pick #17. Lawrence was highly regarded as a massive run-stopper who was likely limited to just being a two-down presence, especially in year one. Most recent mock drafts were starting to forgo including Lawrence as he was widely considered to fall out of the first entirely. With Dalvin Tomlinson and last year’s third-round pick, B.J. Hill on the roster, the pick of a defensive tackle becomes even more confusing.Lastly, the Giants traded back up with Seattle to the 30th pick to select Georgia’s Deandre Baker as the first cornerback off the board. This might have actually been their best pick in the first in terms of value but Baker likely wasn’t getting pick on day one and could have easily fallen to the Giants in round two.Oakland Raiders:In the first and most surprising pick of the night (prior to the Giants at #6), the Raiders selected Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrell with the fourth-overall pick in the draft. For those who haven’t been extremely tuned-in this draft cycle, Ferrell was a consensus player likely to come off the board between picks 15 and 25. But when Jon Gruden likes a player, he just can’t help himself. To be fair, Ferrell is an excellent player at the Raider’s greatest position of need, but they could have potentially waited until 24th (where Montez Sweat was still available) and picked up a blue-chip player, as well.Their second pick was not a surprise in the slightest as they selected Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. With the recent news of Marshawn Lynch retiring for the second time, this was a necessary pick.Raiders gonna Raider, however.With the 27th pick Lance Alworth Jerseys Stitched , they selected Mississippi State safety Johnathan Abram to sure-up the secondary. With better options at safety still on the board, this was another head-scratcher. Abram is a good player, don’t get me wrong, but most had him as their fourth-best safety in the draft. More versatile players such as Delware’s Nasir Adderley and Florida’s Chauncey Gardner-Johnson would have been much better value in that slot.Time will tell, but I don’t think this haul even makes up for the Khalil Mack trade.Atlanta Falcons: Offensive line was certainly the biggest need for the Falcons coming into Thursday night. At pick #14, they had their pick of the litter. Garrett Bradbury, Cody Ford, and Jawaan Taylor were all still on the board. Atlanta went a different direction and selected Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom, the consensus #1 guard in this year’s class. Not a terrible pick, but Lindstrom was likely off the board with the last few picks in the first and was possibly going to be available in round two. Questionable but he’ll be a good player for the next decade. It was their next pick that really had the Falcons Faithful up-in-arms.When the Rams were on the clock at #31, the Falcons sprang back into the first. We all knew it was going to probably be another offensive linemen, but which one would it be, Ford or Taylor? The answer was neither.The Falcons gave up picks to go up and get....Washington’s Kaleb McGary.McGary has a long, compelling history. It’s a wonderful feel-good story of triumph that has led him to his dream of playing in the NFL. The bad part is that he was likely going to be ready and available in the second round when the Falcons were up once again. At 6-foot-7 and 320 pounds, McGary is one of the most athletically-gifted prospects at his position which was likley the deciding factor in this selection. The Falcons love their athletes and they got two of them. Let’s just hope they didn’t give up too much in the process.

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