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Provexum According to the survey results, it became clear that sex life is an important aspect of marriage - the vast majority of happy and unhappy husbands and wives said this. At the same time, a large percentage of married women who did not consider their marriage happy ignored the fact that sexual manifestation is an important area of married life. This turned out to be the most important aspect in the unhappy life of wives in marriage in almost all studies. Despite the fact that marital fidelity prevailed among the interviewed husbands and wives, still 23% of husbands and 8% of wives confessed about one or more “meetings” outside the family after 50 years. Such data are related to those who did not destroy the family because of the novel on the side. Other statistics show that 80% of men and 60% of women change their partner in life at least once during a married life. According to studies that have recently been conducted in England, half of the women surveyed had at least once had adultery. And despite the fact that Englishwomen are considered "cold." Studies show that the frequency of sexual relations in old age, activity and sexual satisfaction can have a not very favorable effect of health problems. However, both men and women continued their sexual relations and enjoyed sex, despite the fact that due to the illness, some obstacles seemed insurmountable. This was the case when partners were active in sex and before the disease. Potato Casserole with Zucchini We are all different people, we have different preferences, hobbies and sympathies. But we all agree that one of the most beautiful things in the life of a healthy adult is sex. However, here we may encounter a small, and yet very significant BUT. If the satisfaction of a man was originally thought out by nature, it can even be said to be programmed, then the female orgasm, as they say, is a rare thing and not everyone has it. Sadly, but the fact is that 50% of women have an orgasm quite often, 30% - rarely and 17% - never. Where are the remaining 3%? That's right, 3% say they always have an orgasm, but experts doubt it. And if the dissatisfaction of women in sex, what to do? We learn today! 235294 Dissatisfaction with sex can be a big problem in life. Over time, such a woman becomes tense or even aggressive, harsh and unhappy. The mental state of this lady is understandable.

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